So I met this guy…

He was a breath of fresh air

Part of what I thought I was missing

Not knowing he was really a distraction

Reminds of the sour patch kid but in reverse

Starts off sweet and kind then turns mean

Well not mean in the sense that they no longer cared

But the interest was no longer there

Or maybe my expectation was off?

In any event this was my conclusion to the whole matter…


Very sure of himself

Where’s the fullness of God?

Where’s the boldness in HIM

Cocky ain’t it

Boastful ain’t it

Be who you are but give Him glory

It’s not about you.

It’s not about what I have done or how I have contributed to something.

All the glory belongs to HIM (The Lord)

The Lord was preparing me for this …

almost got caught up in the “newness”

The newness was fun. It had all the workings of long walks, expensive evenings out, and spontaneous trips.

Wanting “something new” but at what cost?

It’s awesome to meet another human being with similar interest but the foundation may be rocky

Do you want that?

Do you want semi similar beliefs?

How do you justify that?

What you prayed for is what YOU prayed for

Don’t settle for less sis … it’s not worth it

A cup of coffee and a smile will only last for a short while

You want an Ephesians 5 kinda love

Not a homie lover friend

Glad my heart treaded lightly

Happy my mind was on radar

Now the reset begins

What ‘s next?

Only time will tell .. stay tuned

Published by Unapologetically Aja

I'm a blogger who wants to share my story of love lost and finding myself in the God of my salvation. From the pitfalls of pursuing to the triumph of finally loving me for me.

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