Pondering Moments

Is it that my movements are going in the direction you want them to?

My purpose being pulled out because he’s here?

The trajectory of my mission has changed?

Am I to be a teacher?

A mentor?

Something other than a singer in church?

What’s the reason for him being here?

Is it to let me know you hear my heart?

Even though he may not be the man I’m destined to be with?

Is this another test?

Why is he here?

You don’t do things by happenstance

Everything you do or allow is apart of your purpose and plan for my life.

So what is it?

Show me my why.. I wanna know my why

I wanna understand who’s to be apart of that why and who isn’t

I’ve grown weary of the mundane and want a change of scenery.

This life is growing drear but you in it makes all the difference

As the song says “having you there made the difference” …

I just wanna know my why

What you want me to do here?

I wanna fulfill all you have placed in my hands to do.

Make me of a quick understanding of your word and help me to walk this thing out.

I wanna be your disciple.

Please Lord hear me. Hear my heart crying out even this morning.

Grant clarity and favor oh lord.

I wanna be a blessing

Make me a blessing

Help me to be a blessing.

Lord I love you

And I am willing to learn those things which you have for me to do while I’m here.

Show me the way.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Published by Unapologetically Aja

I'm a blogger who wants to share my story of love lost and finding myself in the God of my salvation. From the pitfalls of pursuing to the triumph of finally loving me for me.

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