The Process of Peeling Back the Onion

It seems so simple to do right? However, this process is a bit stressful. Metaphorically speaking most people use a knife to grab each layer and peel down. Some may just try to use their nails (if they have any) but then again that would be kind of difficult. Such is life. We tend to peel back layers of our lives if we allow ourselves to. Most of the things we want out of life and buried in our subconcious and it takes determination to dig it up. No one really wants to do the work tho. We live in a ‘snap, crackle and pop” society where everything is ” I want it all and I want it now”. We really do not know how to wait for a thing. We want money to fall from the sky or fall into our lap. We want a mate with no imperfections. Yet if we take a look at our ownselves and be honest about it, we need to do our part.

Are you willing to do the work it takes for YOU to be what you want in a mate? So many times we go down a “list” of things that we want or even need from a mate that we don’t take the time to look in the mirror.

Personal inventory is always needed in order for growth to occur. Without it we can stunt our growth or slow the process. No pain no gain people say. Well it is very true. Sometimes we have to go thru some pruning in order to break forth and breakthrough.

Although peeling back the onion can be painful it is necessary.

Published by Unapologetically Aja

I'm a blogger who wants to share my story of love lost and finding myself in the God of my salvation. From the pitfalls of pursuing to the triumph of finally loving me for me.

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